Through the years some of my work has developed in a common thread; these books are examples of this continuity.

Cruising for Snaps

The world as I see it, but through my car window while driving around car-choked Los Angeles…
This project began as photographs taken from the back of taxi cabs. Or, in other words, driving around New York City, primarily. But, we decided to expand it to include Los Angeles, since I live in LA and do a lot of driving. And images as seen from jetliners. So, we included a couple taken of those. And one train.

The title came from a seminar I attended years ago in Vermont, with a fine art photographer named Fred Picker. He was a large format man and was very disdainful of small cameras. So, walking around with a 35mm motor-driven camera  was – to him – ‘cruising for snaps.’

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A book designed to get myself a few assignments.


Designed by my friend Guido Laudisa, this book features some of the subjects I’ve been pursuing in recent years.

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A self-assigned project.

Also designed by Guido Laudisa, this project came about after several years of the two of us walking around Beverly Hills and invariably wandering by the famous Bijan store, always photographing whatever fancy vehicle he had parked out front on that particular day. Sadly, Bijan passed away before we had finished.

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