In this space I’ll be publishing portraits done over the years, sometimes official, sometimes not.

Street Photography

One of my favorite forms of photography is just capturing the world around me. I consider everything fair game. For those of you who are interested, I shoot with a Canon 1Dx, with the usual lenses many of us use. I will, however, admit to a favorite: lately, it’s the 50mm f/1.2.

The Big Pour

In mid-February of 2014, the tallest building in the west commenced construction with an all-night concrète pour in downtown Los Angeles. A Korean conglomerate is constructing the Wilshire Grand, which will be 73 stories tall. A Guinness record was set that night.


North Shore Connector

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

About three years ago, AECOM sent me to Pittsburgh in the dead of winter to photograph the almost-completed North Shore Connector subway project. Watching the three iron workers put together the ventillator system in riduculously cramped areas was really amazing. With math and logic they moved thèse huge and bulky métal cabinets around with almost zéro room to spare. The fans themselves were beautiful designs, as you can see for yourself.



San Simeon, California

This section is personal in nature, an annual trip my lovely wife and I make to the Central Coast of California, near San Simeon. In January, the beaches are chockablock with Elephant Seals – mating, fighting, giving birth –  which is quite a show. And that part of California is relentlessly beautiful. Finally, the best part: not a lot of people!

Oil fields, Coalinga California

While driving back from an assignment, I drove through Coalinga, California, in the Central Valley, which is several hours north of Los Angeles. And, I accidentally found thèse oil fields, owned by Chevron. What drew me, though, was the solar array you see pictured hère. The sun is reflected onto that tower, turning water into steam, which, in turn, makes the extraction of the oil much easier to suck out, loosening it like molasses in the hot afternoon sun.

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